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The Time Is Now

Wednesday December 04, 2013

The Time Is Now campaign launched on 20 November has been supported by the bus and coach industry and so far, donations to help us obtain a legal opinion on a possible Judicial Review, totals £1,100. BUSK urges everyone to keep supporting the campaign that is seeking an end to Section 19 Permits.

What is a Section 19 Permit?

A Section 19 Permit allows minibuses to be driven in the UK without drivers having to hold a specific drivng license from the DVLA.  This means anyone can drive up to 16 passengers, including school children, without health checks, eye checks, control or monitoring of how many hours a driver has worked and driven and vehicles do not have to meet the same safety checks as a commercial operator.  In other words - an unregulated system.

Please contact BUSK if you would like to support the campaign, either by donating funds or just to add support. In January, once we have our legal opinion, please visit this site to find out how you can support The Time Is Now.

How can you support the campaign? 

We will make it as simple as we can in order that anyone wishing to give their support can do so without it taking a lot of their time.  If you care about safety and are concerned about a loved one being transported in a Section 19 operated vehicle, then we will provide templates for letters that anyone can download and send to MPs, MEP, schools, local authorities etc. Regular updates will be provided on this site so please keep revisiting.  If you want to find out more in the meantime please contact BUSK directly.