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School bus taken off the road

Thursday January 16, 2014

A school bus driver admitted that he would not put his own chlidren on his bus, yet he was fully prepared to load it with other people's children knowing that it was both illegal and dangerous...

A school bus sent to pick up pupils was later taken off the road and the company suspended from operating the school contract after BUSK lodged a formal complaint with the Traffic Commissioner's office, the Police and the Council.  Parents voiced concerned that safety belts, side and rear doors were not working and their children had to climb over the driver's seat to get out.  Torfaen County Borough Council has suspended the school contract whilst it investigates BUSK's complaint.

In the meantime the transport company, Murray Jones Travel in Pontypool, South Wales claimed that the side door stopped working beccause pupils would play a game to shut it has hard as they could, causing a failure in the door mechanism.  As part of contractual obligations BUSK believes that it is the responsibility of the driver to open and shut the bus doors and not pupils. It is also the responsibility of the driver to complete a walk around check to ensure that a bus or coach is legally and safety compliant before it leaves the depot to collect passengers.  Film evidence was obtained by BUSK in which the driver confirms he knows the doors did not work, that he has reported it to the company he works for but they have not done nothing about it. The driver can also be heard to say that he works for a 'lousy company' and that he would not be prepared to put his own children on the bus.  

To read the newspaper report visit link below.