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Gathering Momentum!

Wednesday January 29, 2014

Momentum Coach Hire went into administration last week owing huge amounts of money to lots of people, including coach companies, schools and organisations.  This coach broker then popped up again the following day.  The problem is that coach brokers are not regulated and often people hiring coaches on-line do not realise that they are dealng with a coach broker.  Instead they think they are hiring directly from a coach company.  It pays to always understand who you are hiring from.  Hirers need to ask questions and lots of them.  

Following Momentum Coach Hire going bust last week, BUSK lanched a campaign called Gathering Momentum with a consultation paper that anyone can complete and return to us - closing date is 28 February.  The aim is to set a national standard to regulate coach brokers who are currently not regulated by anyone.  This way, only those brokers or travel management companies as many prefer to be known as, will be accepted onto the regulated scheme in an effort to ensure that companies such as Momentum Coach Hire are recognised for what they are and both coach operators and schools and the general public are not ripped off. The consultation paper can be downloaded from our home page.

For more information in this weeks trade press visit the link below.