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Challenge Cheap Coach Hire

Sunday April 21, 2013

Parents should always challenge cheap coach hire.  If your child is going on a school trip why not ask the school if they are hiring a coach from a Simply Safe or Benchmark member?  Our members will be background checked and approved by BUSK to ensure they are safety compliant and only operate to the highest safety standards. Members will employ highly trained, reliable and experienced drivers. 

Multiply the cost you are asked pay for the trip by the number of children taking part and ask yourself if the coach company could reasonably charge that rate to allow them to operate safely and legally.  If you are not sure contact BUSK and we will be able to work out a cost for the trip.  Cheap coach hire can only ever be possible if the transport company is cutting corners such as maintenance, insurance or using casual drivers who may not be CRB checked or may have lost their driving license for health reasons or have been disqualified from driving. 

The message is clear from BUSK...always, always challenge cheap rates!