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BUSK urges YOU to go to Trading Standards!

Thursday August 29, 2013

BUSK would urge anyone that is not satisfied with a coach broker they have used for any reason, to report this to Trading Standards.  BUSK has discussed the issue of coach brokers with Trading Standards and reported to them the fact that some give misleading information to customers to make them believe they are coach operators.  Some brokers advertise on their websites that they have an 'extensive fleet of vehicles for hire across the UK' when in fact they do not have any vehicles for hire at all. They sub contract without tell the customer. They word their websites in such a manner that a hirer thinks they are a very large transport company.  When the day arrives for the coach to pick up the party, the hirer may then realise too late that the coach provided is not what they hired.  For a very specail occasion such as a wedding party, it can ruin a day if an old double decked bus arrives instead of a state of the art luxury coach that they will have paid up front for.  There is often no come back, no refund and a huge amount of hassle and upset. Who needs this on their special day?  And sometimes, the coach just does not turn up at all!

BUSK has asked Trading Standards how this problem can be solved.  They have advised BUSK to put this informtion on our website to assist anyone that has encountered a problem using a coach broker and also, to let them know if they used a coach broker in the belief that they thought they were using a coach company with an Operators License.  So, it is up to you, the hirer to let BUSK know and to ring Trading Standards who are currently taking complaints about coach brokers.  The more genuine complaints received, the easier it is to mount a legal action against an individual coach broker.  Even if your complaint or bad experience was some time ago, it is still worth while lodging it with Trading Standards.  For more information contact BUSK directly.  To contact and report a rogue coach broker or one that has misleading information on their website or one that makes false claims, ring 08454 04 05 06.  Your complaint will  be handiled in confidence.