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BUSK Nightcap campaign

Wednesday March 26, 2014

BUSK Nightcap campaign is growing and soon, it will be aproaching 800 supporters in just a month of setting up its Facebook group.  To join contact BUSK.  Nightcap is demanding that drivers who are on trips abroad with school children, should be provided with a room of their own in a quiet area of the hotel away from the children.  

Drivers are often given some of the worst rooms in the hotel because they are not seen as paying guests and are placed in areas of the hotel where it is noisy.  This disturbs their sleep and as we all know, from well publicised Government advertising, tired drivers are dangerous drivers.  Drivers must have proper, adequate rest before being expected to drive a coach full of passengers.  If in a noisey area of a hotel or if they are expected or forced to share rooms with other drivers who perhaps snore, this badly affects their ability to get the much needed rest they should have.  Sometime they are even expected to share rooms with other drivers from different companies who they do not know and in some instances in ferry crossings, are put int cabin berths, four to a cabin and this even happens if one of the drivers is female and the rest male.  

If you are a parent reading this, make sure you ask your child's school if the drivers used on the school trip abroad will be given a decent room of their own so they are properly rested.  How often do we blame a driver when there is a coach crash and immediately point the blame at him or her when in fact, maybe if at the point of hire, schools insisted on drivers having a room each would be a great safety move in the right direction...the cost to a parent on top of the £800 they are likely to fork out for the trip is around £10.  The price of a child's life....who can say?

For more information about Nightcap contact us or join the Nightcap group on Facebook.  Another Facebook page called School Trips is co-ordinated by BUSK specifically for parents and schools.  Please join!

Route One carries information about Nightcap campaign...see link below.