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BUSK begins process to set a coach broker standard

Wednesday July 31, 2013

There is a world of difference between hiring a minibus or coach from a transport operator and a transport broker.  Some very good brokers can be found in the UK but undoubtedly, from BUSK research, there is also the rogue element that cause mayhem, put passenger safety at risk and who let customers and transport operators down repeatedly.  What they have done successfully, is to give brokers a bad name. They often charge hirers inflated rates and then hire the lowest quality vehicles and in many instances, just do not turn up to collect passengers. 

BUSK has called a meeting in Swindon for operators and brokers to discuss this thorny problem.  This is the start of a process to setting a national standard for brokers to meet.  Only the brokers that are prepared to work honestly and openly and that can evidence a proven good track record will be able to apply to work to the BUSK standard.

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