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Bully on the school bus

Tuesday September 22, 2015

This is School Transport Safety Week when many individuals around the UK will do something to highlight a safety issue on the school run.  Bullying is a major issue. Some may say this has gone on for years, but of course, that does not make it right or acceptable.

1919262_346938495014_4120668_n              The Voden Report is available electronically from BUSK.  Please contact us for a copy.

  Ben Vodden

Paul Vodden son, Ben, took his own life when he was no longer able to deal with bullying on his school bus. Paul has campaigned for the last nine years to make the journey safer for other children.  During BUSK's safety week, he has released the results from his bus driver survey and a set of recommendations that clearly need to be actioned. The report makes very interesting reading.

From a BUSK perspective, we believe that a UK-wide approach needs to be in place with local authorities stepping up to the plate to ensure that every pupil is protected against bullying.  Whenever a local authority contract transport for the school run or provide a bus pass for a child, they are legally obliged to ensure that child's safe journey.  This means they must make sure they have systems in place to safeguard both pupils and drivers.  

BUSK believes that every driver on the school run should undergo specific training in bullying and safeguarding that gives clear advice and guidance on how to recognise a problem and importantly, what steps to take if they suspect that a child on their bus is a victim of bullying.