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Use Your Brake!

Monday September 26, 2016

Use Your Brake!

BUSK's safety belt campaign begins today and will run for three months.

Use Your Brake highlights the need to belt up on the journey to and from school each day. Today, many pupils will be handed leaflets by their transport provider in an effort to change their attitude to wearing a safety belt on coaches and in minibuses.  

If your son or daughter comes home with one of these leaflets we urge you to support the campaign and encourage them to take responsibility for their own safety.

Our campaign leaflet content can be read below...

We are certain you wouldn’t board one of our coaches if you knew that the brakes weren’t working. And why would you? Only a fool would travel in any vehicle where the brakes were defective but…

Many of our passengers on the school run do not use their own ‘personal brake’ that we provide.  Are you one of them?

Personal brake – what are we talking about?  Simple – another name for it is a safety belt!  They are there for a reason and that is to keep you in your seat and inside the coach in the unlikely event that the coach may be involved in a road traffic collision.

If you would not board our coach because the brakes didn’t work, then why would you be willing to risk your life by not using your very own personal brake?  Be cool, be smart. If you want to be treated like an adult then you need to act like one and that means you need to take responsibility for own safety and that of your fellow passengers. Remember, your family expect you home in one piece every day. Don’t you owe them that expectation?