What is Benchmark?

BUSK Benchmark is the UK's first and only completely independent star rating for the minibus and coach industry based on safety and legal compliance.  Our members undergo independent audits that look at how the company is run, what systems are in place to safeguard passengers and to what standard drivers are trained.  These checks are made when a company applies to join Benchmark and periodically after that and all companies are subject to a random spot check during live membership. 

The most recent National Guidance recommends using a transport company that holds an accreditation with an independent audit. There are several accreditation schemes available and most will look at the quality of the fleet but BUSK will always focus more on the safety and compliance  history of each company and we have our own standard that our members must meet which is higher than the legal minimum requirement. National Guidance recommends BUSK Benchmark.

Is it safe to take a transport company at face value? 

Anyone making transport arrangements for others will have a legal duty of care to provide a safe journey. Just hiring the cheapest option can undoubtedly compromise the safety of everyone. If you have the responsibility of choosing transport for others, it would be a mistake to believe that all you must do is check that a company has an Operator's License. For more information about this view this BUSK film clip:  https://youtube/t-2uHzL2BzU

If you hire from a Benchmark member, not only will you be hiring from national guidance recommendations, but you can have peace of mind knowing that BUSK has background checked them for your safety.

Our members are easy to recognise. Look out for the Benchmark logo on their fleet, their websites and marketing material.

Whether you are a school making transport arrangements for school trips, a local authority procuring home to school transport or a group hiring transport for a shopping trip or visit to a show, when choosing transport you need to understand what the law requires you to do. Ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law! Remember, if a quote seems too good to be true, it usually is!

How do I find a Benchmark company in my area?

Click on the map to search for Benchmark members in and around your region. If you need further help please telephone us on 01495 981185 or email buskuk@btinterent.com.  If you are unable to find a member in your area then please revisit again soon as new members are added regularly.

Transport operators interested in joining Benchmark or finding out more about how it works can call 01495 981185 for an informal chat or email buskuk@btinternet.com. To download an application pack please click here

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