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Bespoke training courses

Training courses for students

Since 1995 BUSK has trained students of all ages, including those with special requirements, on how to safely evacuate a bus or coach in an emergency. Now, it is common practice among training providers to provide this type of training in CPC modules as well as in schools.  More and more school children in the UK are experiencing this type of valuable training.  BUSK has not only been responsible for training thousands of pupils in this important exercise but has provided bespoke courses that have proved to be fun and inspiring.  Changing the attitudes of a young person's perception of their own safety and that of others is what BUSK is good at and we are able to evidence the positive outcome of this.  When we leave a class of students, we leave them in the knowledge that they truly understand why they should wear a safety belt and why they should not distract their driver as well as what to do in an emergency situation.

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Training courses for head teachers, governors and management teams

Training courses tailored to suit a school for teachers, heads, governors or management teams is becoming more and more popular among those with a responsibility for making transport arrangements for others.  Typically, a BUSK course would cover:

There are many training providers to choose from but BUSK UK is the only organisation of its kind with a wealth of expertise about all aspects of child transport by road.  We specialise in all matters related to school services and welcome your enquiry and are happy to provide an outline plan that suits your requirements upon request.