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Template letters


Nightcap has provided links below of template letters.  We realise that you are out driving a lot and your time may be llimited. Bearing this in mind we have made it easy for you to send a letter by email selecting a template and adapting it to suit you and adding your contact details.  Once you get a reply or, even if you do not get a reply,you are more than welcome to contact Donald Bryce (donbryce_busk@btinternet.com) on ourNightcap Team whose will be pleased to help you with a response to send or general advice regarding a reply you may have had.  We are here to help.  

Please revisit this page to see more templates that might be added in the coming weeks.


This link is a template for drivers to use if they want to write to their MP.  It includes a briefing sheet to also send your MP.


This link is a template for drivers to use if they would like to write to a tour company.