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Wednesday August 09, 2017 BUSK notes that Darlington Council may have accepted that MIDAS training is acceptable for the voluntary sector. BUSK challenged the Chief Executive of the Community Transport Association (CTA) publicly about MIDAS training. The belief that MIDAS training is sufficient is worrying to say the least. BUSK research has revealed that all too often school teachers and volunteer drivers are put through the MIDAS 'training' programme but the person delivering the 'training' is not a fully qualified instructor or trainer and is only assessing each candidate. "That coupled with many candidates only being offered a classroom session with no driving lessons or assessments is just crazy," says BUSK Director Pat Harris. "What started out as a good idea has along the way lost its structure and effectiveness as we have seen it watered down hugely. How can a person holding little if any relevant qualifications necessary, take on the role of delivering important safety training such as the MIDAS course to drivers that will have the responsibility and safety of up to 16 passengers in their hands?"

MIDAS should be scrapped unless it can be managed correctly and not in its current form where driving candidates do not even have to pass a medical or prove they are fit to drive or have an eye test. It is high time more parents and the general public were more aware of how they are being duped into believing they are being driven by a teacher or volunteer driver who has been properly trained. BUSK has found that many volunteer drivers are completely in the dark as to their legal responsibilities when the drive a minibus. How can that be safe?

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